Are you running on empty?

Frustrated that your clothes are not fitting the same as they used to?

Are you struggling to make healthy habits stick even though you have the best intentions but feel overwhelmed by life?

Too often, we put ourselves last on the to-do list. You deserve to take the time to focus on your own self-care, to create a healthy relationship with food and movement, and do it all with a supportive coach and a community of people who are cheering you on!

Refocus on Wellness Membership is for you!

Hi! I'm Gretchen

I’m a certified Health and Life Coach accredited by the International Coach Federation, certified yoga instructor (E-RYT 500 HR), pilates instructor, and Functional Fitness Personal Trainer. I connect with my clients on a personal level, teaching from a place of authenticity. You can often hear me sharing the knowledge that I’ve gained from overcoming my addiction to alcohol (11 years sober), parenting a child with special needs on the Autism Spectrum, or dealing with the diagnosis of having a rare breast tumor that resulted in a partial mastectomy. I also incorporate my love of the yoga principles within the coaching practice; non-harming, mindfulness, meditation, and self-care. I encourage clients to sit in the seat of observation within themselves to learn how to listen to that voice of truth that resides within. I opened my boutique yoga studio, Bee Yoga Fusion, in 2009 in the “new deal” town of Greenbelt, MD. We have online and virtual classes that are accessible to all levels of fitness abilities.

Refocus on Wellness Creating Goals for 2022

Join us!

Get the coaching and support you need to honor your truth with a certified Health and Life Coach.

Included in the Membership:

  • Monthly Group Coaching & Community

    One live group coaching a month on zoom. Each month we will focus on a theme. You'll get to ask questions and get clarity on your goals—first Monday of the month at 7 pm. If you aren't able to make the group zoom, pop into the community group, and post a question there.

  • Movement Videos

    A stocked library of movement and yoga videos focused on functional movement to help you feel stronger and more focused within your body that you can do in the comfort of your home.

  • Healthy Recipes & Self-Care Tips

    Stay motivated to make good choices and live by the 80/20 rule, both in your diet and in your life.

The Refocus on Wellness Membership is built off of the Refocus and Reset Your Life ™ Course

by Gretchen Schock

I have worked with hundreds of clients in small-group and private coaching to bring you a step-by-step guide on making healthy habits that stick in my Refocus on Reset Your Life ™ Course.

The content within this membership is structured off of the framework of the course but don't worry if you haven't taken the course yet, that's ok! You'll gain the resources you need to consistently practice self-care and become more in line with how you envision your life to be.
Gretchen with a small group health coaching group at bee yoga fusion